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Release of blockages

Trauma, blockages, pain

With Hem quantum energy treatments, the therapist will come into contact with the bio-informational field of the body, which essentially resides in cellular memories, and in the etheric field, where all information is recorded and stored.

You should know that the physical body is the 7th body, 6 other subtle bodies surround it.

We also have  7 energy centers called chakras, connected to the nadis, or meridians numbering 72,000.

A blockage, trauma, shock and will form a negative memory  which accumulates on the psychic level, has repercussions on the energy level, emotional and of course physical and vice versa. Everything is connected and interdependent. Cleansing negative memories, will release all accumulated blockages to find his energy, his joy of living and reconnect to our true inner self !

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