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quantum dance

Express who you really are!

« In the beginning was the verb

The verb became flesh “ 

The verb created the world, the verb is sound, the sound is vibration and frequency.

It carries information with it.

According to the story of Indian mythology, Shiva Nataraja danced and, by his dance he created the world.

The original rhythm beats a measure,  this rhythm organizes the sound in a perfect order, the rhythm binds to the sound, which becomes vibration. The whole world is a set of vibrations with frequencies

(information) different.

Dance allows the body to express and release its true vibratory and energetic potential. Getting back in touch with your emotions, with your body, means connecting consciously, in every movement, with your soul, with what surrounds you, and feeling within yourself that everything is one.

Such was the goal in great civilizations like Greece and ancient Egypt, India,   where dance was the door to initiation.

It is the same in many countries where shamans use dance as a way to speak with the invisible, to find solutions for their tribes, which plant to pick for heal. So what is the secret of dance ?

Dance is a journey within oneself, where we disconnect from our metal-ego  to reconnect with our true self. It is to release what resides deep within us, and to awaken our cellular consciousness.


The dance is reconnected with joy

"The celebration of reconnecting with who we really are"

Unleash your vibrational potential

Free and increase your vibratory rate by expressing what is really in you

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